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Candle Care

A few details about the candles and wax melts we have available.

They are made with 100% vegan soy wax and are poured by hand in small batches.

Due to the nature of soy wax, your candle may "look different" after the first burn than other candles you may have purchased in the past and that is simply due to the nature of the delicate soy being used and completely normal! So don't worry if your candle looks "lumpy" after the first burn

A Few Tips:

- Make sure you are burning your candle for the time anywhere between 1-4 hours but never more than 4 hours and make sure the edge of the wax pool touches both side of the vessel being used. 

- Wooden wicks give off an amazing scent throw and longer burn, therefore, you will need to trim the wicks at least every other time being used in order to effectively burn the candle.

-Don't blow the flame out harshly on wooden and cotton wicks, blow out with minimal effort or dip your wick in the wax pool (only for cotton wicks).